Confined Access Specialists   We can get into places others can't! 

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gateway access only not a problem
limited access dingo digging a pool
Dingo mini loader
dingo and excavator able to fit through a gateway
dingo and excavator combo clearing a front yard
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Now avaible TB215R excavator
Dingo Mini Digger, the limited access specialist servicing Perth, Western Australia excavation requirements.
We supply both a dingo and a mini excavator that are able to go through 900mm gates and under garage doors.

About us: Access Dingo, Perth premier Dingo mini digger contractor service, based north of the river, was established in 2003 after realising the need for machinery and equipment that was able to cope with the shrinking limited access on building sites.

Dingo sizes 820mm - 1050mm
Excavator size 760mm - 900mm
NOW 1.5t Excavator 1m wide 
Terex ASV PT-30 1250mm wide 1840mm height The Posi-track is a rubber track loader, able to work on sensitive ground with minimal disturbance

Terex ASV Posi-Track PT30